E-Stamping facility is available at both Head Office and Branch Office

Attractive rates of Interest for deposit morethan 3 Years at 8.25% for senior citizen Fixed Deposit Accounts.


Gold Loan upto 25 lacs at an attractive rate of interest of 10.00% per annum.

Loan facility availabe upto 80% of the bond value for both Fixed Depost and KAMMA CASH CERTIFICATE.

Housing & Mortgage loan up to 2 Crore and Commecrial Property Loan up to 6 Crores at an attractive rate of interest.


The Kammavari Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., was founded in the year 1993. The society was registered under the Karnataka State Co-Operative Societies Act 1959 and licensed by the Registrar of Co-Operative Societies, Bangalore. The Society has commenced its activities on 16.02.1994 with small share Capital of Rupees 11.20 lacs and members strength of 590. Our due respect to all the members of our parent institution M/s. Kammavari Sangham, Bangalore who have conceptualized to form this institution. Many of them collectively worked to get this society in to a real activity. The object of starting this Credit Co-Operative Society is to provide ample credit facility and for the welfare of all Members.

Many of them became members initially by paying Rupees One thousand towards the share capital during the year 1993 – 94. Today the number of Shareholders has gone up to 4920 members and share capital accumulated is Rupees 1289 lacs, which is almost 115 times, increase during these 27 years (1993-2020).

The vision of Kammavari Credit Co-operative Society Ltd is “Public prosperity” by offering financial services to all groups of people and offering equal opportunity to all, to live an improved life by Financial Enablement and empowerment. The mission of the society is to create self-sufficient sustainable ecosystem of members through co-operation. The society is to enable financial inclusion by providing affordable financial services to the needy members and inculcate the savings habit among the common man through innovative low cost financial products and services using co-operative principles, self-help and mutual aid.

The society is authorized by its laws to accept deposits from its members under different schemes, from Savings Deposit to Term Deposits like Monthly Deposit and Fixed Deposits. The deposit schemes are designed to deliver maximum value to its members, offering attractive rate of interest along with other benefits. The Society's rates of interest are among one the best rates offered in the industry in comparison to Nationalized/Co-operative Banks, Financial Institutions and other co-operative societies, making it the preferred choice of investment by members.

The deposits accepted by the society are mobilized by the means of loans to members, making it a profitable institution to enable further expansion and delivering value to its members.

The existing Board and Management of the Society is backed with years of extensive management experience in the field of General Management, Finance, Retail and credit, thus bringing maximum value to the board room. The chief promoter of the society brings extraordinary leadership skills, keeping the Board focused towards achieving the vision of the society.

During the initial period (1993 to 1997) of four years of starting, this society had

Present scenario: (In the last 23 years: 1997-2020)

  1. Share Capital: Rs. 1289 lacs - an increase of 40 times
  2. All Deposits: Rs. 7896 lacs - an increase of 380 times
  3. Loans Disbursed: Rs. 9547 lacs - an increase of 297 times
  4. No. Of Shareholders - 4920 - an increase of 2.4 times
  5. Net Profit - Rs. 5138.73 lacs
  6. Dividend - 453%
  7. Audit Report - ‘A‘ Grade (for the past 23 Years)

Apart from conducting our business in a professional way, we have undertaken a lot of initiatives in developing the socio & economic community services.